Thursday, 26 January 2012

Whats happening in 2012

On your marks, get set, go!

Well of course we all know what London will be doing in 2012....! But here are some other details of what's taking place in 2012.

Edda Sharpe and I have finished our 2nd book and it is probably whizzing its way through the printing press machine as I type! We are thrilled to announce the imminent arrival of
'How To Do Standard English Accents'

Part 1 of the book covers a much needed updated RP, which we are calling Neutral Standard English Accent (NSEA) Part 2 teaches a variety of Upper Class Accents 'Traditional RP' 'Imperial Lords & Ladies' 'Military, Matrons and the Landed Gentry' the sound of the 'Debs, Dandies and Bright Young Things' and even the 'Wartime Wendy and BBC Bertie' (The very distinctive clipped accent of the 1930s) Then we head right up to the modern day sound of the Chelsea set and Shoreditch set... So now you'll be able to distinguish the accents of the Upper Classes and compare them to a sound that is Neutral in age,race,gender and'll get to know all the varieties of POSH as well a Neutral Standard English Accent sound that is still required today for a lot of Theatre/TV/Film roles.

This book is the first in a series of books...We will be launching 'How To Do Caribbean Accents' 'How To Do North West English Accents' & 'How To Do Northern Irish Accents' in 2013/2014
Exciting times for the 'How To Do Accents Series' you can visit our website to keep up to date with all our news.

I'm currently doing pre-production work for a forthcoming TV series called 'Mrs Biggs' and a film called 'Hummingbird.' In late february I'll be working with Royal Exchange again on a production called 'Wonderful Town' 24 actors and 14 accents! Later on in the year I'll be returning back to Belfast to join the team on Game of Thrones season 3. Sally Hague and I had a great time on season 2 so we're looking forward to getting back to join the folk of Winterfell and Kingslanding. And then finally I shall hopefully be boarding ship again for the Treasure Island sequel... fingers crossed that goes a head!

So its a busy year...Olympics? haven't got time for that! Feel like i'll be running a few races of my own over the next few months....

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