Sunday, 23 January 2011

Puerto Rico!

Hi All

Hope it isn't too late to wish you all a HAPPY 2011... I am currently in Puerto Rico filming Treasure Island. It is lovely and hot and our locations have been stunning. We were joined on set the other day by a huge Iguana, believe me plenty of people shouted "Cut"...when the saw the big fellah scuttling towards them!

In the mean time back in ol' blighty Edda and I submitted, finally, our first draft for
How To Do
Standard English Accents

Part one: You can learn to do a Standard English accent currently being taught in Drama schools and on theatre programmes. Part 2: What kind of Period posh should I be going for? We have defined 6 styles and types of period Standard English. Now you'll be able to choose the right type of accent for your character and play! It addresses the age long problem of what sort of Standard English is appropriate.

Our publishers, Oberon books, are busy putting it all together and we will be editing and proof reading it on my return in mid February. We are surely on the way to seeing it on the shelves come the summer! Sorry for the delay! But you know it's worth the wait!

I am also looking forward to starting at the Globe in March. We have a great season of plays marking the 400th anniversary of King James 1st bible....

Keep well and creative!


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